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Welcome to the 2022 Peru Experience! We're stoked that you're interested. Please read all of the information below before applying.

 Trip Overview: 

Peru is an incredible country, rich with scenery and culture. Millions of visitors fly in each year to visit the stunning Inca historical sites and the astonishing mountains of the Andes. Those places will certainly be part of our experience too, but our trip alongside First Step Expeditions will be so much more. Through cultural immersion, community, and an off-the-beaten-path adventure, our trip through Peru will be unlike any other. 

Throughout the trip, Zach Wiegert will teach you his approach to storytelling, which involves a lot about story-living. 

 Cultural Immersion and impact: 

The Quechua people have lived here since the time of the Incas and many of their ancient traditions have been preserved despite the rapid increase of modern technology. The practice of these ancient traditions is not widespread, but there is at least one community where these traditions have remained the backbone of who they are. We will spend two days and two nights living with these people and being immersed in their culture. We will learn some of their age-old techniques for farming and weaving, share meals together, spend time in their schools, and listen to their stories. 

We aren't just going to experience their culture though, we have a job to do. As a team of creatives, we have a unique opportunity to document their culture in a meaningful way. We can truly make a difference for these people by bringing more attention to their story and encouraging more tourists to visit! Our hope is to eventually make immersive tourism a sustainable source of income for these people.

In addition to documenting the story of our time there, we will work to raise funds before the trip so that we can donate supplies to their school, and after the trip, we will compile our work into something cohesive that can be shared with the world. 












Community Building: 

Within our group, community will be extremely important. We won't just be a group of strangers on vacation, we will be a team of adventurers, artists, and storytellers working together to do something meaningful for ourselves, for each other, and for the world. We will have intentional time every day to debrief and engage in thoughtful, reflective conversation. 


Off the beaten path adventure: 


After our time in the local community, we will set off for the Ancascocha Trek. This will take us high into the Andes on a trail that is seldom travelled, giving each of us the opportunity to see landscapes that few people ever have the chance to see. The views are truly unparalleled. Throughout 5 challenging days of trekking, we will push each other, push ourselves, and together enjoy a uniquely beautiful experience in the outdoors. 


This trek will take us up to nearly 16,000 feet! We will have some time to acclimate beforehand, but a moderate to high level of fitness is a requirement for this trip. 

If you're interested, it will also be possible to add on a day trip to Machu Picchu at the tail end of the trip!



Cost: $1300 (DOES NOT INCLUDE FLIGHTS, price is subject to drop by $200 if we have 5+ participants)

Machu Picchu: A trip to Machu Picchu is an additional $350 and an extra day on the trip for anyone who is interested

Dates: May 30th-June 8th 2022 (Counting an extra day on each end for travel)

For more specific details about the itinerary and costs, head over to the First Step Expeditions Website:




There is a short application process where you will be asked to answer some questions about your own motivations for going on this trip. The team will then be selected from all the applicants. This process is done this way so that we can build a diverse team of people who are willing to engage with each other and with the trip's objectives.


*NOTE: No payment is due during the application process. A link to the payment form will be sent once all applications are complete and the final team is built


Art of Story Peru: May 30th-June 7th 2022

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