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An Unforgettable Summer Adventure

Ah, summertime in Colorado. It's a season that always feels way too short, and yet the adventures it opens the door to create memories that last a lifetime. and teach us lessons that embed deep into the foundations of our being. This trip was no exception.

As I stood atop the summit of this seldom-climbed peak deep in a remote area of wilderness, I was struck by the power of experiences such as this. Choosing to climb a mountain is a commitment to pushing oneself to do something difficult. You know there will be moments when you'd rather not be there, and moments where there's nowhere else you'd rather be. Your breath will be taken from you, both by exertion and physical effort, and by the glory that awaits once the effort has been exerted.

Oftentimes, you may discover that the challenge you have chosen to face looked far more daunting from below, but as you commit to each individual step, the mountain that once stood in your way is now beneath your feet, not conquered, but experienced. Learned from.

Each challenge we face expands our capacity for the next one. The goal is not volume of achievement, but attentiveness to growth and transformation. The mountains we climb are the groundwork for the becoming who we are meant to be.

Perhaps the most difficult part is the decision to don your pack and set out into the night.



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